Strong IT Strategies are critical in business success, especially with technology being at the forefront of many leading businesses.

  • Experienced strategists
  • Coincide with business plan/strategy
  • Delivered all across UK
  • Most industry verticals covered
  • Proven track record
  • Translate IT into English

IT Governance is the process of aligning your IT Strategy with your business strategy. We understand this doesn't always seem straightforward... That's why we are here.

  • Applies to all businesses using IT
  • Preventing cyber security problems
  • Specialist cyber security IT Directors
  • GDPR compliant
  • Making technology more efficient
  • Integral consideration for modern businesses
  • Help with DoP's and SoP's

Sometimes businesses require a senior IT director to help co-ordinate business strategies from a technology viewpoint.

  • Architecture & Design
  • Creative thinking
  • Commercially focused
  • Highly experienced
  • Stuck Project
  • System reviews
  • Internal team reviews
  • External third party reviews

IT Managers fill the gap between strategy and implementation/on-site management.

  • Team Management & Building
  • Managing Internal & External Relationships
  • Support desk management
  • Project management
  • Hands-On Approach
  • Staff Evaluation & Training
  • Constant Review
  • Department KPI's
  • Documentation & Reporting Organisation Delivery

We Can Do Even More...

Stuck Projects

IT projects of all kinds get stuck. Bailey & Associates can help you push through that irritable brick wall you hit.

Integration Challenges

The last thing any business wants are Systems and Technologies that don’t communicate.

Security & Standards

Every week, we meet companies who have fallen prey to hackers. Don't be one of them, be secure and compliant.

IT Strategy & Vision

We often get contacted by companies who struggle making IT decisions. We can help you set strategies and a clear vision.

Ineffective Management Information

If good management information isn't available, it's near impossible to delegate proper authority and make clear decisions.

Overcome Bespoke Software Issues

The cause of many serious problems within a business are the Bespoke Software Projects. These can effect your businesses performance.

Supplier Selection & Governance

The choice of an IT Supplier can be tricky, especially as over-promising and under-performing is rife. So it’s crucial to make the right choice.

IT Team Divisions & Weaknesses

We meet a lot of companies that are baffled by their internal IT teams. When you feel your IT team may be holding back your progress, we can help.

How a part-time Associate works

Our part time approach enables highly talented ex-corporate IT Leaders to provide their skillset to the small to medium enterprise - a resource usually only affordable for larger companies.

"Part-time" means our Associates will work a certain amount of days per month- decided upfront - by you.  Our clients range from 2 days per month up to 3 days per week, all dependant on the size of company, timescale, and the amount of involvement you want.

Step 1 - At the free initial consultation, we will listen to the company goals, any problem areas and the overall relationship your business has with technology.

Step 2 - Once we agree on your technology goals we will then discuss the amount of time your Associates will need to take ownership of your IT and deliver the goals.

Step 3 - Agree a start date to begin making technology a benefit to your business!

We don't ask for a commitment.  We work on a monthly basis for two reasons.  Firstly, we are so confident that our IT Directors and Managers bring value to your business, we know you will want to keep them.  And secondly, you have complete control over your costs.

Let's help you!

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