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IT Consultancy
  • Utilise an experienced IT Director/CTO/CIO on a fully flexible basis.
  • Help deliver your entire IT Strategy or specific projects.
  • Typically a mix of on site and remote work, depending on your requirements.
IT Audit
  • A complete audit of your IT and technology, undertaken by an experienced IT Director.
  • In depth report provided detailing a full IT and technology strategy
  • Can be undertaken on site or virtually. Minimum time requirement of two days.
Outsourced IT Leader
  • Hire one of our IT Directors to work with your business on a fractional (part time) basis.
  • Benefit from having an experienced Senior Level IT expert in your business.
  • All work undertaken on site at your business. Minimum requirement of one day per month.
Virtual IT Leader
  • Hire one of our IT Directors to work with your business without the need for on site visits.
  • All of your IT and technology requirements handled remotely.
  • Flexible remote working and immediate availability.
"Our Associates offer industry leading IT Directors on a flexible basis where full time may be out of reach or simply not required"


Here at Bailey & Associates, we are a group of IT Strategy experts and the delivery of our expertise comes in a few formats to suit different types of clients and business requirements.

Our most popular offering is our Fractional IT Director service whereby one of our Associates joins at board level as your IT Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO), sitting as part of your senior management team with the goal of creating and delivering on your IT Strategy. You may require the Associate to work on a very specific business function or you may wish for them to sit as your IT and technology adviser on a long term basis. The way this works is completely bespoke and based entirely on your requirements as a business. Alternatively, we also offer the same service but on a fully remote basis, this is our Virtual IT Director service.

Another of our key services are our IT Audit workshops. This is most popular for businesses who aren't quite sure what the next step should be for their IT and technology departments and would like a thorough and insightful audit of their current systems and strategy to see how it could be made more efficient. Here, one of our Associates will spend a few days on site at your business going through your current IT landscape and at the end of the Audit presenting you with their findings and recommendations.

At this stage, it is then up to you as a business to either take the findings of the IT Audit head on and choose to tackle this with your internal resource, or whether you would like one of our Associates to come and deliver the recommendations for you.

All of our services are 100% bespoke, so if you have any questions or would like an approach that's not mentioned within our services, then get in touch and one of our Associates will happily assess whether this is something that we can help with.

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