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About Us

Bailey and Associates provide businesses with senior level IT leaders on an on-demand basis. We believe that our service provides clients significantly better value than the full time alternative in multiple respects.

We require our Associates (CIOs and CTOs) to have a minimum of ten years’ C-level IT experience and a proven track record of success in previous roles. Our Associates are psychometrically tested before they can join our team, to ensure top quality for our clients. We currently have a global network of over 60 Associates, meaning we collectively offer over 600 years of C-level IT experience. When also taking into account our flexible approach, allowing for businesses to benefit from a C-level outsourced IT Leader from just £24,000 per year, we believe it’s clear that our offering is significantly better value than hiring an IT Director, CIO or CTO on a full-time basis.

We work with clients in multiple capacities, offering three key services. For clients looking for validation on a specific project or undertaking, we would recommend an IT audit. This is where one or more of our Associates work with your senior teams to analyse and advise on the best approach for any given project or division of your business.

For clients requiring longer term work beyond the scope of an audit, our IT Consultancy service would be more appropriate. This service allows your business to work on an ongoing basis with an Associate who will advise and lead IT projects on your behalf.

Finally, for businesses requiring ongoing IT leadership on a longer-term basis, our Outsourced IT Leader service provides an Associate on-demand. The Associate will typically work with your business as your most senior IT Leader and take care of everything from managing your IT projects to internal recruitment.