Who Are Bailey & Associates and What do we do?

Bailey & Associates is a group of independent IT experts, located in the United Kingdom. Our head office is based in Chester city centre.

The association was founded by David Bailey, who saw the need for small to medium scale enterprises to enjoy the services of the top-quality IT Leaders on a flexible basis without having to commit to employing full time senior IT Specialists.

We call our IT Leaders ‘Associates’. Every Associate is a senior level IT expert, typically an IT Director or a Chief Technology Officer with experience at board level. The Associate we choose for a specific client is based primarily on the Associates background and geographic location as to find the best fit for our clients. The job of our Associates is to create and deliver a high quality IT Strategy through our process of Senior IT leadership consultancy.

What Do We Do?

Our Associates have been in the IT game for a long time, we have accumulated a vast bag of knowledge on the different challenges in the business and how to solve them.

Our highly experienced IT Leaders are versed in the full spectrum of IT Services and have worked across multiple industries. We cut out the learning curve that less experienced IT Specialists may encounter, having implemented many strategies and pioneered various types of software launches and integrations.

In a practical sense, we work with clients on a fully flexible basis determined by the requirements of the client. For some clients, they just want help creating their strategy, but they have the resource in house to continue this once the strategy has been decided. In such a case, we’d offer an IT Audit workshop to the client, led by one of our Associates and usually lasting two days. The purpose being to generate the optimal IT Strategy for your business and leave you to implement it.

For other clients who are perhaps embarking on big technological projects or don’t have senior level IT professionals in house, we can work with clients from as little as two days per month to three days per week to implement the IT Strategy as well as becoming part of your business. Associates at director level will typically sit on the board of your company and be involved in senior level decisions relating to IT. The capacity to which is completely down to what your business requires, work can be on site, remote or a combination of the two.

We are also very flexible with our contract terms and thus, depending on the nature of your requirements, we can work on your project, whether short term or long term as per your schedule.

Furthermore, our Associates are strategically placed across the UK, giving us the ability to work with any company in the UK.

Why should you consider us?

  • Knowledge and experience

We will help your business with our collectively vast knowledge and experience. We host quarterly master mind sessions for our Associates, where each associate shares their knowledge and experiences on specific IT subjects, allowing the associates to learn from each other and further benefit their clients.

  • Thorough recruitment process

It is not easy to become an Associate. There is an extensive recruitment process before an IT veteran can join our ranks. Therefore, the quality of our people and the service we deliver is of an extremely high standard.

  • We’ve done it before

consider that when your business is embarking upon big IT projects or implementation of new systems or software, we have done this all before. We’ve had the experience of learning from previous projects and have nailed down efficient processes – we cut out the learning curve.

  • We’re Flexible

We don’t nail down long contracts and our Associates work on your terms. We work with clients from as little as 2 days per month through to 3 days per week. We will work on single projects or as a long term partner. It really is down completely up to each client’s requirements.

  • It Doesn’t matter where you are

We have Associates all over the country and can cater for your business regardless of location.

Need Advice? Speak To An Expert

Whatever your business needs, we are here to help. Simply schedule a call directly into our calendar or call us on 0333 060 4932