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IT Governance is the process of aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy. Whilst this is a relatively brief definition that might sound straightforward, it is not   always immediately obvious how much plays into your own businesses IT Governance given how many factors can be involved.

IT Governance applies to all businesses that either hold data about clients, suppliers or indeed any business that uses any form of information technology and also has a business strategy - therefore, in reality IT Governance is an integral consideration for any modern business.

How Can We Help With Your IT Governance


It is very likely that your business holds information that may be sensitive to either your business, your customers or your suppliers. It is therefore significantly important that this information is protected as securely as possible and resistant to any cyber attacks. Prevention is very much cheaper than the cure (if there is one) with cyber security and although it may seem like a large investment to improve your security, it removes the element of risk and can leave your mind at ease, allowing you to concentrate on the important aspects of your business. Here at Bailey & Associates we have IT Directors that are specialised in Cyber Security and would be in a position to expertly audit your businesses cyber security and subsequently implement a strategy to ensure your business is safe relevant to Cyber Security and meet this aspect of IT Governance.


GDPR has been a buzz word in recent months, finally officially materialising in May 2018. Since the introduction of GDPR there has so far been little in the way of penalties. However many experts believe that there will be some big names affected by GDPR in the near future with some examples needing to be made of businesses failing to meet the standards to ensure that other businesses tighten their belts. GDPR is therefore also something that your IT Governance strategy should consider and also something that can easily be factored into your software and technological requirements as a business.


There will be some technologies that are perfectly tailored to your business, others which will not work at all and many that will simply get the job done. Many businesses are guilty of sticking to what they know by continuing to use the same technology providers even though they recognise that their technology could be working much more efficiently for them. As experienced IT specialists we appreciate that fundamentally making any significant technological change to a business can be extremely difficult to implement, expensive and risky. Whilst there are always risks to implementing new softwares and technologies, when you have an experienced IT Director by your side project managing the delivery of the technology you can significantly minimise this. Firstly, due to the fact that the IT Director has worked with hundreds of technologies in previous companies and will conduct due diligence to ensure that the technology satisfies the needs of your business. Secondly, because our IT Directors have been implementing new Technologies at company scale for at least 10 years.

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Reduced Cost

Cut down on wasted spend within a department, to either save that funding or reallocate the funds to a department more in need.

More Efficient Staff

Tasks can be reallocated amongst the existing IT team, to make the department more efficient and for them to receive the best user experience.

IT Strategy Built To Support Your Business Plan

We can help you achieve your goals of growth or a higher turnover, a good base layer of IT is essential within businesses looking to keep moving forward.