How we can help?

We offer part-time IT Director services. Sometimes businesses have little to no onsite IT staff as outsourcing can be very effective.  We provide utterly impartial, company focused members of your team to ensure the vendors and partners are providing the correct service, softwares and equipment - not whatever has the best margins.

By bringing an experienced professional to your business part time, you get the all the benefits, without the associated employee costs.

See below for a description of the role.

IT Director Services

IT Directors operate at highest level in technology and can act as a member of your Senior Management Team or simply report directly to whoever is responsible for company strategy, often the MD or the Financial Director. They will research, develop and present ongoing strategies to ensure technology helps push towards the company's goals.

  • IT strategies perfectly complementing the business plan
  • Creative thinking and market research to deliver new ideas and products
  • Commercially focused
  • Highly experienced with board and Senior Management teams
  • Stalled or challenging project recovery
  • Budgetary review to ensure you are getting the most for your IT expenditure
  • Internal reviews of procedures, IT staff, security and hardware.
  • Compliance and risk implementation
  • Software selection, consolidation and integration
  • Motivation, leadership and skills transfer
  • Full departmental documentation including SoP's and DoP's
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Reduced Cost

Cut down on wasted spend within a department, to either save that funding or reallocate the funds to a department more in need.

More Efficient Staff

Tasks can be reallocated amongst the existing IT team, to make the department more efficient and for them to receive the best user experience.

IT Strategy Built To Support Your Business Plan

We can help you achieve your goals of growth or a higher turnover, a good base layer of IT is essential within businesses looking to keep moving forward.