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Project Management
We'll lead every aspect of an IT project with you ensuring the project meets timescales and budgets.
Service Optimisation
Both internally and externally, we're here to ensure that all IT services, like your helpdesk, run as smoothly as possible.
Leadership Mentoring
Our experienced C-level Associates will provide leadership mentoring to any of your internal managers or supervisors.
Cyber Security Management
Protecting your businesses data from cyber security threats is of paramount importance.
Organisation Design
Technology cant do every job. We can tell you when its right, and when its not.
Portfolio Management
Need additional skills for a project? We can interview and recruit the best contractors.
Vendor Management
As experienced IT Directors, we're highly effective at managing IT Vendors - both in terms of ensuring they're the right fit for your business and managing deliverables.
Management & Policies
We can provide ownership or guidance and direction on your internal IT policies and processes which minimises risk and maximises efficiency.
Risk Management
Experienced at mitigating risk, we always plan ahead to manage all risks associated with any work we're involved in.
External Compliance
Industry specific compliance is always adhered to, whether its pharmaceutical, health, public, manufacturing or others
Data & BI Strategy
It's important that data and BI is well managed and easily accessible. This is always a key consideration for any of our Associates.
Archival Strategy
Industry specific requirements demand differing archival planning. We'll make sure your compliant within your industry.
Supplier Reviews
We've worked with thousands of IT suppliers and are highly experienced in the marketplace and current trends.
Cloud Migrations
Assess and deliver successful cloud migrations reducing overhead and cost
Quality Assurance
Measuring all aspects of Quality in the business and providing data to allow good decision making
Data Architecture
Defining and maintaining the fastest, most resilient solution is paramount to future operations.
IT Strategy Delivery
Ultimately the sum of all parts; we're here to deliver your IT Strategy and meet your businesses overall objectives.
Remote Strategy
Now, more than ever remote strategy is becoming increasingly important for businesses. We can help manage remote working at any level.
Cost Optimisation
Our job is not only to lead your IT budget, but to ensure your technology spend is the right fit for your business and goals.
Strategy Build
Review develop and publish IT Roadmaps to help your business achieve its goals, short or long term.
Application Migrations
We've assessed hundreds of different applications for businesses; our associates are true experts in safely and efficiently migrating applications.
Delivery Management
Having delivered many projects large and small, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver on time, in budget.
Enterprise Architecture
The backbone of the IT estate. Getting this right saves money and increases speed and resilience.
Disaster Management
If things haven't quite gone to plan in your business recently, we can help. We will also ensure you have contingency for any future issues.

Expert IT Consultancy for Your Business

Looking to take your business to the next level? Perhaps you require some advice on modernising your IT systems, or simply need an expert to take on some of the workload? The Bailey & Associates IT Consultancy service works on a completely tailor-made basis, so you can design exactly the services you need.

Our Associates are board-level IT experts, with years of experience in top roles. With the Consultancy programme, you’ll have access to this expertise completely on-demand. You choose when and how you utilise your Associate’s skills, and have total control over workload. The Associate may come on board on a consultancy or guidance basis to assist with a project, or can assist your team in a more hands-on role.

Bailey & Associates Included Services

Typical Time Frame: 1 – 4 days per month

Work Conducted: Combination of off and onsite

Our IT Consultancy service provides your business with the experience of one or more of our Associates on an on-demand basis. Our Associates are board-level IT Experts, previously holding titles such as IT Director, Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer.

Your consultancy package begins with an in-depth initial consultation between our Associate and the key stakeholders to understand your requirements and decide next steps. It is completely up to you how your business will utilise the Associate’s time and how you would like to work with them.

You can choose to have the Associate work either on-site or remotely (or a combination of the two where necessary). You also have full control over how you would like to leverage the Associate’s experience, whether this be in a simple guidance capacity or further in leading a specific project or objective.

As opposed to our comprehensive Outsourced IT Leadership service, our IT Consultancy offering is less time-intensive. We typically recommend a consultancy service as a better option for businesses seeking assistance for specific projects or individual objectives.

How can our IT Consultancy help grow your business?

Whether you’re in need of a full technology refresh, or simply want to finetune and shore up your governance, our Associates can help.

With years of experience in the field working with companies across multiple sectors, our team will work alongside you to provide bespoke business solutions. Some clients require an Associate to lend their expertise to a particular project for a specific purpose, while others choose to engage our services on a broader scale for guidance. For example, our Associates can help conduct IT Audits to ensure your business is secure, or can assist with company acquisitions and data mergers.

Some of the areas our IT Consultancy can cover include:

IT system analysis and recommendations

Our Associates will conduct an in-depth review of your existing systems, hardware and processes to gain a thorough understanding of the way you work. Next, they’ll provide a report detailing opportunities for improvement and highlighting any areas that require attention. If required, the Associate can recommend solutions specifically for your business, from cloud-based programs to third-party providers.

Strategic planning and design

Working with key stakeholders across your business, our Associate can streamline workflow processes and help make your strategy more efficient. Whether this involves reducing spend, increasing productivity or cutting downtime, we’ll draw up a strategic design that works for you.

Migration and installation services

Many businesses are operating on outdated and archaic systems that are simply no longer fit for purpose in the modern marketplace. If you’re unsure of the best options, our Associates can suggest a variety of cloud-based and digital solutions to handle your data safely and securely. Once you’ve identified next steps, let our Associate handle everything from data migration and management to installation and troubleshooting.

Cost cutting

If you need to reduce spend, our Associates will analyse your current outgoings and budgets to identify areas to consolidate and cut costs. We can often identify vendors and third party solutions that are actually more efficient as well as better value. Our years of experience means we know how to manage personnel, technology, software and system issues to provide you greater value for money and minimise hassle.

Ongoing support and leadership

Our Associates can consult and work with your business on an ongoing basis for as long as necessary. Some clients wish to engage our services long-term with regular goal reviews, while others require an Associate to maintain an overview of a new project until initial troubleshooting is complete. Alternatively, you may wish to fully outsource your IT leadership to an experienced Associate to save costs and take advantage of an expert skillset.

IT Consultancy Case Studies



A leading global specialist in Insurance Run-off and Claims Management.

  • IT Leadership for a major business and data acquisition
  • Creation of IT team from scratch
  • Integrate new acquisition with business



This business is one of the oldest and largest charities in the world. It provides services for...

  • IT leader required
  • IT department development and support
  • Software management



A leading provider of cinema software and digital services, working with business across the globe. The business...

  • Systems integration
  • Sourcing new suppliers: manufacturers for equipment and staff for technical installation and support
  • Set up a fully-functional support centre

Our Consultants

David Bailey


Sam Maley

Marketing Director

Les Kerjenski


James Stanbridge


Gill Summers


Tim Felix

Regional Director (UK)

David Jaggard


David Wood


Fraser Macleod


Richard Phillips


Jon Lee


Ian Thomas


Paul Newman


Mike Todd


Steven Barrett


Kevin Holian


Ed Nichols


Michaela Keene