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Rolls Royce

08 JANUARY 2020
Rolls Royce
Les Kerjenski

The Derby Rolls-Royce branch deals with large volumes of information being sent around the world, much of which is confidential. As such, security is a major priority, as is keeping systems up to date. Developing new software and ensuring top-level security and efficiency is a priority, particularly for the branch’s museum functions.



  • Deliver on demand project management software and cloud computing services
  • Complete a full IT audit
  • Build a media library from scratch and oversee rollout


Rolls-Royce is one of the best-known and most revered names in the world of luxury car manufacturing and aero-engineering. The company’s Derby branch is home to one of world’s largest displays of historic engines.

What our Associate did

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) creation

The business type demanded a whole new software system, which our Associate built from scratch. After assessing the needs of the company at large, this SaaS system was purpose-built for Rolls-Royce, so perfectly suited the needs of the company. It has been through several iterations and is seen as key part of the business’ marketing and servicing department needs.

IT audit

A full audit was carried out across the whole company, assessing and analysing the effectiveness of all the software and IT systems in use. As such, recommendations for everything from video editing suites to security systems were reviewed and improved. The Audits and reviews are repeated on a yearly basis and reports are used in the key IT strategy of the business.

Improved security

Much of Rolls-Royce’s output involved confidential and secure information, so our Associate worked with teams across the business to rollout strengthened security systems and prevention programmes for malware to shore up all business operations.

The Results

The software built and implemented by our Associate is still used internally today within Rolls-Royce (version five) to share product images and media – particularly for new prototypes and historical engines (if an RR engine plane is flight worthy the engine service data has to be retained) – and is incredibly important. After the project, the global transfer of files and photos was made much more efficient and secure, which was particularly important for confidential information and test results etc. The continued IT audits prove to lead improved internal tech security overall.


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