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Retail Start Up

Company Profile

A start-up in the retail sector providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products.

The Mission

This project required a specialist level of expertise, which the Associate was able to provide thanks to a background in relevant tech and a solid understanding of this kind of business. The project was based on getting the company up and running with Oracle, expanding the SaaS product and creating a strategy to get the product into the wider marketplace.

What Our Associate Did

Product design and proof of concept

The Associate sat down with the developer team at the company and reviewed all the code. This led to the creation of working solutions using Microsoft and Azure products as well as JavaScript. After this stage, the Associate was able to build a sturdy proof of concept to show the team, Oracle and ISV stakeholders – there was now a valid product that could go live, which was a huge step forward for the company.

Troubleshooting and development

As with any product development, there were various elements that needed to be streamlined and ironed out before the product could proceed to launch. The Associate worked closely with the product and development teams at the company to ensure the product was up to standard. Taking the role as architect of the project and overseeing code and database integrations, the Associate took on responsibility for the product’s development.

Business development and planning

The Associate worked alongside the business development teams at the company to ensure that the product’s technical implementation was conducive to meeting business goals during the incredibly busy period prior to the launch date in order to meet the stated target. Following the launch, the Associate worked with the company on governance and managing the project for the future, setting out plans for future versions and upgrades.

Advisory role

As well as advising and strategising on various elements of business and technology methodology at the business, the Associate has been able to help the company think more about what its partner model should look like moving forward; one sub-project has been assessing whether investing in partner account and technical account managers is a worthwhile investment for a start-up at this stage. The Associate has also worked in an advisory role with the founder and CTO of the start-up throughout this project.

The Results

The Associate played a huge role in helping this start-up achieve its potential and get its product off the ground and into the marketplace. At the beginning of the project, the business didn’t have a product offering, but does now! As a result of this hard work, the business went from zero to six-figure monthly billings within its first quarter.

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