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Quotient Sciences

12 JULY 2019
Quotient Sciences
David Jaggard

Providing integrated solutions, clinical pharmacological services & commercial and clinical manufacturing to the pharmacology industry.

Quotient Sciences have over 800 employees based in both the UK and the US.



  • Restructure a global IT team
  • Streamline business in a fast-growing global market
  • Identify new global management roles in the UK & the US
  • Understand the existing team skillset and galvanise workflow
  • Migrate datacentre research
  • Re-ignited company migration to Office 365.

The Mission

With a rapidly expanding team and a growing global marketplace, before our Associate came aboard Quotient Sciences had several disparate IT teams within its ranks – each with different leaders, inconsistent technology and no clear plan of development. Our Associate’s main goals were to streamline the business structure to create one unified global team with more defined roles and purposes, and to create a more efficient IT functionality that worked across locations.

What our Associate did

  • Identified the need for redefined global roles

Our Associate recognised that a truly global business like Quotient Sciences requires worldwide leadership positions to unify workflow and create a more cohesive and efficient mode of communication. The end goal was to ensure ongoing development and strong management for Quotient Sciences even without our Associate, so we identified the necessary leadership roles to put in place across the company’s global workforce.

  • Created new positions to streamline business

With the creation of a variety of new positions at Quotient Sciences, our Associate maximised the existing company skillset. New job roles such as Clinical Applications Lead and Security Officer meant a more effective structure without disruption to the workforce. By identifying the skills and strengths of the team members already in place at Quotient Sciences and repositioning where necessary, our Associate was able to redefine roles and set the company up for strong and effective development in the future.

  • Platform feasibility

As part of our Associate’s plan to redefine and streamline the infrastructure and roles at Quotient Sciences, we investigated feasibly options for migration of on-premise datacentres and systems from Miami and Philadelphia to a rationalised datacentre model where geographically disparate systems could be located into one harmonised, protected location.

  • Moved the company to a multi-tenant Office 365 system

Quotient Sciences were working to harmonise multi-tenanted 365 and on-premise Exchange post a number of company acquisitions across the UK and USA. Th project had been running for almost a year and had some challenges which were blocking progress. Our Associate worked with the stretched project team, comprising both internal technical and external partner resources to re-ignite and re-agree milestones. Budgets were re-evaluated to enable the correct and appropriate level of resource to function within the project, through to successful completion across both the USA and UK. This was a key element of allowing the company to define itself as one global workforce presenting both internally to each other and externally to the client base.

The Results

One of the major and most effective changes our Associate was able to make for this client was a restructuring and repositioning of global management, ensuring stability for this ever-growing company moving forward. In evaluating how best to manage this US and UK-based company, our Associate was able to identify key positions that needed to be created. Clarity on job roles streamlined Quotient Sciences into an interconnected and unified global team with a keen eye for detail and efficiency. Existing skillsets were identified and refocussed where necessary, meaning the team’s knowledge and experience were used to maximum benefit. A focus on communication and implementation of teamwork was also incredibly important for the client, and our Associate was able to leave Quotient Sciences in the perfect position to grow further on the global stage.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.

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