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Case Study: Market Intelligence

Company Profile

The company, part of a FTSE 100 listed business which operates in 43 countries and employs around 11,000 people, is a market intelligence business within the Built Environment sector.

The Mission

The customer has data and several digital platforms at the heart of its business. These products are built, maintained, and supported by a combination of internal and external 3rd party teams. This approach has lead to siloed working and poor alignment between product teams and business expectations.

The mission therefore is to address these challenges and to build an integrated team consisting of the business and the product team, working to known practices with transparent governance to drive trust and confidence across the stakeholder community in what the product team do.

What Our Associate Did

In order to address the challenges identified the associate:
  • Designed a new organisation model joining up the product development team with the business with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved
  • Designed and implemented a new governance and operating model for the development of product within the organisation, the key focus being to minimise meeting time, allowing all stakeholders more time to focus on their main role
  • Gain acceptance of the new target operating model across all affected stakeholders by explaining the benefits
  • Educate and mentor all business side stakeholder in the development process, allowing them to understand better the challenges/difficulties technology team face and also the impact of changing requirements and priorities has therefore enabling hem to make better / informed decisions
  • Educate all stakeholders in the new process during a phased implementation of the change

The Results

Over the course of 6 months, we managed to get all the changes seamlessly implemented across all internal and external stakeholders. At the inception of the engagement, there was no agreed definition of success, i.e. senior stakeholders decided not to define one and it was agreed that they would “just know” or “have a feeling that this is now working”. Great to hear the customer now has that feeling and reports that the mission has clearly been achieved.

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