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Global Logistics Provider

Company Profile

This logistics provider is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and works on a global scale. The group provides time-critical replacement part logistics services to major organisations in various sectors around the world, sourced from a network of over 1,000 global locations.

The Mission

Create a multi-year global transformation programme to design and implement a new operating model for the organisation, together with a revised IT solution architecture

What Our Associate Did

Provided IT leadership and development

The Associate was asked by the then global CIO to take over the IT leadership of the company’s struggling transformation programme, review the existing plans and establish a viable way forward.

Designed and implemented a new global IT organisation

After reviewing the IT organisation, the Associate developed and implemented a new IT operating model which blended global, regional and partner IT teams across three continents to streamline the business output.

Redesigned the global IT solution architecture

The next step was to review, refine and adjust internal IT systems and solutions to ensure a stronger focus on standardisation, digitalisation and mobility. The Associate also implemented a reduced time-to-market, and blended best-of-breed vendor solutions with niche vendor edge solutions and in-house development to create a more cohesive model.

Successfully piloted and deployed the new IT solution architecture

The Associate led the team implementing the revised IT solution architecture. Starting with a pilot phase involving three global blue-chip customers, the team successfully rolled out the architecture globally to all customers, all the while maintaining 24-hour service support.

Restructured IT support model

The Associate also led the team that designed and implemented a new partner service management model with a Tier One supplier in India. This support model drove increased customer satisfaction, lowered support costs and saw fewer incidents per 1,000 order lines – greatly improving productivity.

The Results

On completion of the transformation project, the business unit exceeded its double-digit CAGR objectives, improved its customer retention, reduced cost to serve, and met its customer satisfaction targets. The transformation programme was subsequently awarded a CEO Supply Chain Excellence Award, and the Associate was personally recognised by the global CIO.

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