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25 OCTOBER 2019
Jon Lee

One of the world’s largest independent airport ground handling companies, dnata operates in 35 countries and over 120 airports with over 45,000 employees around the world. In the UK, dnata looks after over 5 million passengers each year at London Gatwick, Manchester and London Heathrow Airports.



• Create an entire IT department from scratch
• Equip existing and new systems for significant company growth
• Incorporate changing rules and regulations into company processes

The Mission

• Create a full IT department virtually from the ground up
• Modernise dnata’s technology and introduce a range of new systems
• Work with the company to ease new company acquisitions through
• Arm the company with the necessary tools for dealing with an ever-changing environment - I.e. ‘act of god’ style distasters etc.

What our Associate did

Implemented a new IT team

Our Associate led the company’s IT team from the beginning, starting with just three team members. Over the course of a long tenure, our Associate had to equip the team to be able to handle the businesses growth, hiring a number of new Network and Support Analysts.

Accommodate company acquisitions

During the course of our Associate’s work with them, dnata was growing significantly through a number of company acquisitions. Each company that was acquired had to be initially assessed, managed and then consolidated onto the same IT systems as existing departments.

Modernising technology

To accommodate the growth of the business, the IT systems put in place had to be exceptional. The Associate introduced the latest cargo system (ABS) and ensured all systems could support the intensive workload of the business. Our Associate also implemented up-to-date wireless technology to optimise warehouse operations and make communication more efficient.

The Results

Over the course of a long tenure, our Associate nurtured dnata through a number of expansions and acquisitions, resulting in the company increasing in size approximately five-fold versus when it began. Today, dnata is a world leader in its field. The company’s IT department is now significantly larger – increased from 3 team members to 24 – and better-equipped to adapt to the ever-changing world of airline travel. The introduction of wireless technology, the latest cargo systems and modernised technology has hugely improved dnata’s efficiency in warehouses and across the business. Our work with the business helped it become the world leader in its field.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.

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