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Claims Management Insurance Company

Company Profile

A leading global specialist in Insurance Run-off and Claims Management.

The Mission

The organisation was undertaking a business and data acquisition with no previous experience of a project on this scale nor the internal personnel to manage it. An IT director was required to manage the acquisition and integration of the new data with the existing business processes, as well as to identify a solution for new functionality required to support the incoming book of business.

What Our Associate Did

Understanding the business

In order to design the programme of work to deliver the business goals, the Associate developed close working relationships with the business leaders and the acquisition board to understand their existing objectives and the potential impact of the acquisition on the business and IT teams.

Identifying project objectives

The Associate was initially engaged to identify the shape of the programme, which involved eight different IT workstreams across architecture, analysis, testing, integration, business engagement and training, operational support, infrastructure and supplier management. Following approval of the project charter and budget by the board, the Associate was engaged for the longer term to develop the team and execute on the agreed approach and plan.

Key recruitment

After being brought aboard to manage the IT side of the acquisition as IT Programme Director, the Associate moved to strengthen the organisation in key areas. Business Analysts, key Project Management personnel, Testers, Data Architects and Trainers were recruited for the new project. This was essentially a new IT department of around 15 people, made up of a mixture of internal and external recruits.

Project management

The acquisition would yield a large volume of data in a variety of formats that needed to be swiftly and seamlessly integrated with the existing system. The project also involved a type of insurance new to the business and requiring new functionality to support it. The Associate led the project from start to finish, including the sourcing and negotiations for the new IT solution. Working closely with the business colleagues, the supplier and the target acquisition’s teams were a key part of the process.

The Results

The IT and data elements of this acquisition were the largest the company had ever undertaken, and were successfully overseen and integrated by the Associate. The successful project meant the company were then able to work on a scale they hadn’t been able to reach before, with something to build on for the future. The Associate worked hard to ingrain new skills and important processes into the organisation to pave the way for any future data acquisitions.

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