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Brio Leisure

Brio Leisure provides leisure centres, community facilities and sporting equipment across Cheshire and Chester.

Brio Leisure employ around 750 employees, turn over £12m annually and were named ukactive’s Outstanding Organisation of the Year in 2019. The company was founded in 2011 and is owned by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Associate Assigned: David Bailey

When: February 2018

Client: Brio Leisure


  • Review existing IT system
  • Evaluate best value for money in terms of applications and software
  • Implement a new and improved way of working
  • Improve inter-departmental communications and customer experience

The Mission

The entire IT system at Brio Leisure required an evaluation and overhaul; prior to our Associate’s arrival the business was suffering multiple drop-offs and cut-outs per day. The business’s multiple departments were struggling to work cohesively and communicate effectively, thanks to application sprawl and too many inefficient systems.

What our Associate did

  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure review

The first step of this project was understanding and improving the underlying IT network. Our Associate conducted a review of on-site architecture, and then moved on to review cloud-based versus on-the-premises options moving forward.

  • Explored options for software

Brio Leisure requires multiple applications and software systems for various day-to-day tasks and processes. Our Associate investigated multiple options to get the best value for money and efficiency in both these areas.

  • Improved IT infrastructure

Our Associate changed both Brio Leisure’s existing telephone system and wide area network, replacing with a new MPLS Network that offers improved efficiency and better suits this growing business’s needs. During this process network speed, reliability and security were all improved, and outgoing costs in this area were reduced by 35%.

  • Software and application infrastructure review

Brio Leisure’s infrastructure was too cluttered and suffering from application sprawl: too many small applications weren’t working in harmony together and weren’t integrated as part of a wider system. Our Associate reviewed all applications, and implemented several projects to replace each application’s processes and functions with a few larger and more robust tech solutions.

  • IT system migration

As part of an overall improvement of Brio Leisure’s tech efficiency, our Associate migrated the in-house IT system to an Office 365 cloud-based system, allowing a more accessible and effective process. This also led to new software and a solution for licensing issues, further cutting down on costs for the business and vastly improving communication between departments.

The Results

All of our Associate’s projects for Brio Leisure were completed within 18 months, with just a single internal IT member to assist. As a result of the IT system overhaul, the business saw vastly improved inter-departmental communication, greater efficiency and a huge cost saving of 35% thanks to the introduction of a new MPLS system; this system also resolved the major reliability issue of having multiple tech cut-outs per day. Our Associate’s next step with Brio Leisure involves developing customer-facing tools for each of Brio’s 11 sites to improve the customer experience and to increase consistency and efficiency even further across the business.


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