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17 FEBRUARY 2020
John Beaver

The BBC is a public service broadcast company, and one of the world’s leading providers of media content. The largest broadcaster in the world, the BBC provides multi-lingual and multi-platform content across a range of media, including television, radio and online.


  • Assess and report on the viability of using a cloud computing model for a large media organisation
  • Identify the best methods for moving processes and systems over to the cloud
  • Provide an overview of the cloud computing landscape

The Mission

2012 was the early days of cloud computing, and our Associate was tasked by the BBC to assess and report back on the viability of such a large media company moving over to a cloud-based system. As the technology wasn’t widely known at the time, our Associate had to undergo extensive research and reporting projects and relate them back to the team at the BBC.

What our Associate did

Methodology and research

Our Associate produced an in-depth report covering everything from the basics of cloud computing to a review of its viability for the BBC and recommendations. A supplier review was also completed, to thoroughly understand which suppliers were available and working in relevant areas.

Real-life examples

To thoroughly underline and explain the benefits and potential uses of cloud technology for the BBC, our Associate put together a project of five potential use cases across the BBC’s media output, demonstrating the ways in which a cloud-based system would positively impact the company’s work.

Identified partners

Our Associate identified and profiled three potential cloud technology partners for the BBC, each offering a different service and list of benefits. As each of the suppliers was providing a different and equally beneficial service, all three were utilised.

The results

After working with the team and gaining an understanding of the BBC’s output and requirements over the course of two months, our Associate was able to provide a thorough, personalised and expert report detailing the ways in which cloud technology could benefit the business. The report included recommendations and a series of case studies and partner profiles. Our Associate provided all the information and expertise required for the team at the BBC to make an informed decision.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.

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