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Bath Spa University

14 FEBRUARY 2020
Bath Spa University
John Beaver

Bath Spa University is a public university in England with a student body of over 7,000. The University features some of the best digital media facilities in the UK, and offers courses across the academic spectrum. The IT department looks after the university as a whole, from providing services to students and teaching staff to maintaining networks and multiple online sites.  


  • Execute a full internal restructure
  • Team management
  • Recruitment and team structure review
  • Improve Information Security across multiple areas

The Mission

The University IT department contained two disparate teams and two separate reporting lines, causing inefficiency and confusion. A lack of clear direction was compounded by the lack of a senior specialist. A total overhaul and restructure on a large scale was required.

What our Associate did

Team management

After engaging with the senior management team, our Associate was able to fully understand the current organisational strategy and devise a methodology for improvement. A full IT strategy was formulated based on the current structure, ideal structure and department objectives.

IT review, redesign and restructure

A comprehensive review was carried out across multiple sectors within the IT department: from Planning, IT Governance and Service Delivery to all reporting and the Service Life Cycle. Following this, our Associate designed a new organisational structure for the IT department and close departments outside it, maximising the workforce and cutting out inefficiencies.


Our Associate identified a need for key personnel to be added to the existing team and worked with the University’s Senior Management to find the perfect candidates. As well as recruitment, the Senior Team was redesigned with a new hierarchy and adapted roles; two departments were also consolidated. A new Service Manager/Portfolio Manager was recruited, working to implement a newly laid out software and infrastructure plan. Hiring an Information Security Manager was key for the University moving forward.

New strategies

Before our Associate arrived, there was virtually no information security strategy in place, beyond basic technology security and specialised expertise in certain areas. Our Associate identified this as a key area for improvement, and through streamlined recruitment was able to appoint the ideal personnel to move the department forward. Other key developments included introducing Agile Kanban methodology to the department and migrating key applications to a cloud-based system.

Stepped up Data Protection

Our Associate reviewed and assessed every vendor and third party partner working with the University from a security perspective, analysing and highlighting any areas that needed a closer look. Then, our Associate worked on a GDPR project to get the business fully compliant and up-to-date with the necessary guidelines.

Risk Management

Our Associate led a review of the University's approach to managing technology-related risks which articulated risks in terms of business impact. With Our Associate’s help, the business is now able to identify which team members own risks, help manage risks and assess everything across the business efficiently.

The results

After our Associate’s project with the business, the team was able to measure new metrics to measure the success of the department – previously there had been no measurement or way to control and analyse growth and risks. A huge improvement was felt in Information Security, and the business was moved to modern, compliant and up-to-date processes with ease. Recruitment of experienced personnel with a track record of success in their fields meant the business was much better equipped and the new HR system alongside rejuvenated team structure meant more efficiency going forward, that was felt across the whole business.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.

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