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B2B Food Delivery Company

Company Profile

A specialist in food delivery, B2B distribution and bulk shipping, providing general supplies for coffee shops, pubs and restaurants on a large scale.

The Mission

This business required a move to an ERP software solution that would integrate with key business applications within finance. Once proven, finance would be transitioned into the same system in order to improve processing and reporting on business KPIs via the modernisation of systems. Additionally, the business needed to improve its technology platform to bring scaling and efficiency gains into the IT department.

What Our Associate Did

Implemented new software

The company had previously been unsuccessful in bringing in an ERP system. After working with the business to understand the current business processes and workflows, the Associate guided them through reviews to streamline and use technology where possible to remove manual interventions. The Associate then worked with vendors to create a shortlist of suitable partners and systems that the business could meet, review and make a selection from. After appointing the successful vendor, the Associate then provided a mediation process to ensure a smooth and progressive development and transition of systems. The completed development brought additional automation to the business and allowed for internet and email orders to be processed without user intervention for the first time.

Restructured existing teams

Whilst keeping the existing IT team intact, the Associate improved the management structure and helped improve the department’s efficiency, which immediately benefited the business.

The Results

There were significant, noticeable increases in efficiency across the business following the Associate’s work. Increases in revenue were also recorded, and there were savings made on staff costs, in part thanks to internet orders being possible for the first time.

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