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23 JULY 2020
Asmodee UK




Asmodee UK is the UK's largest supplier of tabletop games, board games, card games and collectables. The company is part of the Asmodee Group, which is headquartered in France.



  • Take on the internal role of Head of IT and Change Management for the client
  • Improve warehouse operations
  • Improve overall IT performance
  • Reduce IT downtime


The Mission

The client required an improvement in overall IT performance, and a reduction in excessive downtime across the IT department. Warehouse operations needed streamlining and improving. A gap in the team for Head of IT and Change Management was filled by our Associate initially on a part-time basis to take on the challenge.


What our Associate did

Review and strategy

Beginning with an initial IT review, our Associate then set out to understand the company’s business strategy and short to medium term goals, as well as desired IT outcomes. Next, our Associate put a new IT strategy in place alongside a more formal IT budget and redefined goals.

Drove engagement and improved communication

To ensure all key business sponsors were on board with the proposed IT changes, our Associate designed a thorough communication plan for across the company and set up steering committees. These committees were designed for each of the key systems and focused on team inclusion and workshops for requirement gathering and supplier and system selection.

Key project management

As our Associate progressed within her role, it quickly became apparent that there were several risks within the business, owing to separate company locations and a reliance on hardware on the premises. The initial key projects therefore revolved around ensuring the right system foundations were put in place, including infrastructure improvements and a move towards a cloud-based environment. This included a migration to Office 365, the use of cloud-based servers, an ERP upgrade, a new document management system and the implementation of a digital Warehouse Management System to move away from an unreliable paper system.


The results

Our Associate’s initial engagement of two days per week in the Head of IT role was so successful that she was offered a full-time position at the company, staying for two further years. During this time she headed up a Group global project for Master Data Management, worked alongside the Group PMO on TOM/internal process improvements and acted as Head of Logistics while a new team member was recruited. Other IT projects included GDPR compliance, the implementation of BI and reviewing a large-scale ERP and e-commerce system.

Throughout our Associate’s time with the client, stable processes were built to ensure work efficiency and performance gains for the long-term. IT improvements supporting company growth were also put in place, and included several acquisitions during the time our Associate was involved. The cloud-based platform, which was driven by our Associate, ensured that during Covid-19 lockdowns, the business could immediately continue to operate with people working from home with access to everything they required.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.


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