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Arts Alliance Media

14 JANUARY 2020
Arts Alliance Media
Richard Phillips

Arts Alliance Media is the world’s leading provider of cinema software and digital services, working with business across the globe. The business started with just three employees, and has since grown exponentially; the management saw big opportunities to grow, and brought in our Associate to help; the investor was initially experimenting with this business, and owned another cinema chain. Arts Alliance Media won a tender for a Lottery-funded initiative to grow digital cinema in the UK.



  • Systems integration
  • Sourcing new suppliers: manufacturers for equipment and staff for technical installation and support
  • Set up a fully-functional support centre
  • Converting film formats into digital media and deliver all this.

The Mission

Our Associate was challenged to help grow Arts Alliance Media into the world-leading company it is today. Managing multiple cinemas and offices across multiple global locations was a huge task, and required an overhaul of existing systems and updates to team structures. Our Associate needed to put a helpdesk in place to manage queries, implement new software and help recruit a team across multiple locations to help business growth.

What our Associate did

Software development

Arts Alliance Media worked with a selection of top studios and manage contracts across Europe, South Africa and Latin America. Our Associate recognised a need for software to manage the scale and volume of deployments across the globe, and developed a specialised theatre management system. After hiring a VP of Development as the business grew, software was developed directly with one client, meaning all specific requirements were met. The company ended up selling that software all around the world.

Overhaul of the software division

  • Our Associate stepped in to head up and manage the entire software division, and took on the CTO role to oversee development. From here, there was an overhaul of multiple processes, with actions including:
  • The introduction of an agile methodology
  • Implementing a new DevOps culture
  • Automating the release process, thus reducing time between development and production
  • Moving services to the cloud rather than hosting them on the premises (led by Our Associate)
  • Embraced the introduction of AWS
  • Improving the structure of the development teams and bringing in more experienced team members

Cloud strategy

Before Our Associate came aboard, the cloud strategy at the company was outdated and causing challenges for growth – in short, it needed modernising and making fit for purpose. Our Associate came up with a new native cloud approach to build a platform for Arts Alliance Media to offer worldwide products and services. The new cloud product is truly multi-tenanted, scalable and completely adaptable, while also being versatile and secure; it also increased the value of the business (which was later acquired).

Personnel development

The IT team began with just our Associate, and by the end of his term consisted of:

  • Internal IT Team: five members working on internal systems, VPNs, (plus 200 staff across four offices in the business) and maintaining them.
  • Business Intelligence officer
  • Small DevOps team: two managers and three teams of up to seven people (two teams based in Poland and one in London)
  • Engineering team for hardware platforms and a support team

The results

Our Associate’s work with Arts Alliance Media led to a huge upturn in functionality, efficiency and productivity across the business. As well as improving structures and developing teams, under our Associate’s tenure Arts Alliance Media became the biggest provider of that particular Theatre Management software in the world.

Returning to the business later on a consultancy basis, Our Associate was able to reduce the cost of the cloud software by £200k per year. Other responsibilities included liaising closely with the CEO and Senior Management teams, working on several mini-projects to improve process on the ground, supporting to transition development from the UK to China. Our Associate was involved in the sales process and worked on an outward-facing basis as a member of the Senior Management team; being commercially-minded and not obsessing over the technology was crucial for this project’s success.


In order to deliver a comprehensive overview of our Associates experience and to detail the service that they can deliver, some of our case studies will contain work carried out by our Associates prior to joining Bailey & Associates. Please note that we are not able to publish every case study, so if you would like to ask about our experience in a specific sector or industry, please contact us directly.

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